Social Media Power and the Spring Fever Effect

Photo: Out in the Fall  Credit: Jason Nelson
Photo: Out in the Fall Credit: Jason Nelson

It seems that spring has officially launched ahead of its time this year. Right now it feels like a good thing!

But what will it feel like in August?

Unfortunately, the weather has gotten to the point that its almost unpredictable. And if the statement “art mirrors life” is any indication what we have on our hands socially, economically & politically – nothing is predictable anymore. Think about it….

Imagine the young and blissfully ignorant having the power to influence the entire population on Earth with the flick of his hand on a keyboard. It might look like this:

Have you considered what this may mean for your marketing plan? If Social Media was built on such innovative ideas that broke all prior social conventions – do we really think that we need 1 more Top 10 lists of Social Media Do’s and Don’t’s?

As someone with experience in both the performing arts and design worlds (interior design btw) I view Media – social or otherwise – in its strictest form: A Medium. Just like a painter uses oil paint to conjure up images of reality – so does all of our media communications. Which is why we are all still a bit clueless as to how to manage it.

Remember this?

So how do you manage to have a stable, long-term business model in this crazy world of creativity and destruction all blending into chaotic music around you?

Forget the list’s and remember that spring fever only happens when everything is a little chaotic and serendipitous spontaneity reigns supreme!

Jessica NewellJessica Newell is the “Conceptual Solopreneuress” behind J Newell Media.  She is a strong voice in social media (follow Jessica on Twitter and Facebook) and shares her insights on her website and on-demand.  She is a regular contributor to the Leaders West Social Media Marketing Blog.




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