I’m not just the President, I’m a client.

Photo: Eye Glasses Modeling  Credit: Gaurav Bhasin
Photo: Eye Glasses Modeling Credit: Gaurav Bhasin

Many years ago there was a commercial for the “Hair Club for Men” where then President Sy Sperling says: “I’m not just the President, I’m a client.”  I thought of this as I was reciprocating Pete Bosak’s +K on the topic of David Hasselhoff (I am the #2 ranked “expert” in the world due in large part to Pete’s efforts).  As I looked at the pictures of people who had acknowledged me for my “expertise,” I recognized a familiar face.

Joe Fernandez, CEO (and founder) of Klout gave me a +K about David Hasselhoff.

I’ve been critical about Klout in the past, Brian Solis just published a paper talking about the problems surrounding the measurement of “influence” that was critical of Klout scores, and it seems like every social blog has devoted at least a post or two to it.  But all that is irrelevant.   You see, not only is Joe Fernandez the CEO of Klout, but he also uses it (and appears to have a pretty good sense of humor around it).

The worst jobs I ever had were where the leaders would ask for one thing and do another.  When I was a sales manager, my boss was relentlessly demanding that the sales staff upsell and network better, yet he would bring in leads at a steep discount – so much so that the sales staff nicknamed him “Coupon.”  Point being that leaders who don’t lead by their example lose face quickly.

Now, I’m not asserting that Klout is an extraordinary product, that it is a great place to work, or that Joe Fernandez is the second coming.  My point is simply that there is so much negativity and skepticism around many social platforms and tools – it’s oftentimes quite a bummer.

Seeing the CEO of a company love his product so much that he uses it and (gasp!) has fun with it reminds me that we should have more fun.  That’s why casual social users participate on these platforms, right?


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