The mother of all #FF tweets

Photo: Folk Culture Catalonien   Credit: Oscar Perez
Photo: Folk Culture Catalonien Credit: Oscar Perez

Last week, I was mentioned in a “Follow Friday” post that also included Bill Gates.  And while the absurdity of being mentioned in the same breath as the world’s most prolific philanthropist doesn’t escape me, it also reminded me of one of the coolest things about Twitter -> lack of convention.

You see, I could tweet mentions to all of my favorite celebrities, musicians, athletes and debutantes and there is a possibility that they would see the message and possibly tweet back.  And I could mention celebrities in every tweet I send out (don’t believe me? Ask Sir Mix-a-lot about that)!

So, I started thinking about the mother of all #FF tweets.  Ideally you’d want to say something kind about the person like all-world social-media rockstars Shelby Sapusek and Samantha Gluck regularly do, but if you’re in a pinch and you really want to quickly recognize someone special – I have you covered.

Click the button below and add the Twitter handle of person you want to especially recognize, and VOILA!  The mother of all tweets.

I know it’s a little silly, but it certainly breaks with convention and will (hopefully) give your intended target a smile!


Here’s my first ultimate #FF tweet for the extraordinary Ellen Bremen, who just re-launched her website this week!


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  • Michelle Austin

    So funny, I saw your ultimate #FF tweet before I read this. I could not figure out where you were headed with that one…

  • HybridDomainer

    Funny stuff just tried it and will follow you, have a good weekend.