And History Repeats Herself. Guest Post by @meetjnewell

Let me break-down what we’re in the midst of in 3 short videos and 3 links.

1 – The Needy Are Mistreated…

Mother Jones:


Love 146


2 – The Greedy Lose the Game.

The Party’s Over:


The Social Media King Sold Out

3 – We all fall down!

The Fall of Rome

The New Economy

Rinse and Repeat.

(did you read that last article – that’s the good news. It’s just that History always saves Her Best for last 😉


Jessica NewellJessica Newell is the “Conceptual Solopreneuress” behind J Newell Media.  She is a strong voice in social media (follow Jessica on Twitter and Facebook) and shares her insights on her website and on-demand.  She is a regular contributor to the Leaders West Social Media Marketing Blog.

Jessica Newell
The conceptual entrepreneuress behind J Newell Media.