Coping Mechanism: A Tale of Sex, Money, and Social Change (Guest Post by @meetjnewell)

Photo: Outstretched  Credit: Troy Stoi

Photo: Outstretched Credit: Troy Stoi

What’s in a hoodie?
A coat jacket by the name Hermes sounds just as sweet.

Last week Zuck-dog got a dealt a pile of crap from potential investors for not being dressed for the occasion (hmm I think I remember experiencing something a few weeks ago in the very same vein).

Here’s the skinny – its not as if Mr. Mark is unaware of the dress code on Wall St. And so I begin telling my story about how he and I go back…. waayyyyy back. (okay that’s not entirely true, consider it hyberbole 😉 )

You see, Zuckerberg was born and raised in a little place called Westchester, NY – just beyond Manhattan after going over a creek and through the Bronx on the east side of the Hudson River and I was and raised on the west side of that same river in a place we Washingtonvillians like to call ‘The Ville’.

Both Mark and I were born circa 1984, only as a Pisces I beat his Taurus arse by two months in terms of age.

[ On a more personal note he has such a strange resemblance to the boys that sat behind me in my accelerated math & science classes. One of them used to brag about hacking into porn sites. For some strange reason I suspect he was trying to impress me. And of course I’d just roll my eyes and refocus on what the teacher was saying. ]

But anyways… Here are our rap sheets:

  • He went to a prep school. I went to a NY Public High school.
  • He dropped out of Harvard. I skipped around at least 4 colleges before finishing up a mere AA in Business.
  • At the same time he was just launching Facebook, the rest of his peers and I were still on AIM and getting in on this new thing called blogging.
  • I’ve also done the following and more over the last 10 years: went on a Nat’l tour of a musical production; was a staff volunteer at a non-profit serving NYC; interned with 2 contemporary dance companies; was a temp receptionist at a variety of professional firms including but not limited to the following industries: financial, real estate marketing, & design build; and finally, held the position of sole Design/Admin Assistant to the Principal Designer for a healthcare design firm. What can I say, I like to move and take calculated risks.

But before we get into a heated debate let’s do a little flashback to one moment in time when there was a slight shift in our budding hopes and dreams. I’ll give you a hint: it occurred during the first few weeks of our senior year of High School. One slight detail that everyone still seems to overlook.

Wall Street was on its knees and jumping out of buildings.

Something like that can leave quite an impression on an 18 year old filling out college applications. It can also completely rewire the delicate social structure that is teenagedom. While the world went a bit loopy and our elders were trying to pick up the pieces we – the millennials of the NY metropolitan area found ways of connecting to each other in ways that we would have never conceived of prior to this event. Some of these coping mechanisms were good and some were really twisted, and a few of us couldn’t cope at all.

Now that its 2012 us rats (yes, according to Chinese Astrology 1984 was the year of the rat) wear our hoodies proudly as a declaration that we rant and rage against the machine and all of its corporate greediness. Until we become Zuck-dogs “bitches” and we are back to square one.

Here’s the deal though, while the “bro-grammers’ are partying it up, Young Female Entrepreneurs (YFE’s) are building communities that will be vital to our world’s economic stability in the years to come.

Hopefully, we will all get the clue though that this really isn’t a story about sex & money at all. This story is really about a season of social change that will redefine how we relate to one another as social beings. Maybe Mark can’t take a clue from the ladies in terms of dress code, because women like Natalie MacNeil for instance are seriously impressing the investors.  And on the other hand maybe Wall Street can take a clue from Silicon Valley in terms of chilling out when it comes to grilling they new kids on the block. And maybe you and I will finally come to grips with the fact that we are no longer freshman in the world of Social Media. We’re all pretty much sophomores and we still have a lot to learn.

That my friends is what gives me hope that the time has finally come when I can strip all of those astrological labels off my mind & loose the coping mechanism chains off my wrists that have kept me bound & silent for way too long.

Dogs will be dogs, rats will be rats, fish will be fish, & bulls will be bulls.

But men and women treat each other with absolute respect.

If you are curious as to what this looks like you can see an example here.
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Jessica Newell
The conceptual entrepreneuress behind J Newell Media.
  • Amberr Meadows

    Love it. Thanks for the Saturday morning chuckles and the things we reflect on. I’m a monkey and a Leo. What does that combo make I wonder?