An obligatory review of Microsoft’s

Photo: Cute Ferrett  Credit: Kulo T
Photo: Cute Ferrett Credit: Kulo T

It’s hard to love Microsoft.

I truly want to love them – more than any other company Microsoft is an economic driver in my beloved Pacific Northwest.  They do a lot of things I like: The Archivist is a tool I use everyday for social, Office is hands-down a superior product to OpenOffice and Google Docs, I appreciate how they revolutionized network gaming with the Xbox, and I even appreciate the UX of Windows Mobile platform.  And while I was willing to forgive the Zune for all of the conversations I had with my Microsoft friends about how it was going to topple the iPod, may be truly unforgivable.

Positioned by Microsoft as a virtual “study group” and not a serious competitor to Facebook, the concept of is that it is a social search engine with filters returning various results from Bing, Facebook or the network.   You can pin stuff, start and join groups, and some other features.   It appears that wants to be part Bing, part StumbleUpon, part Pinterest, part Google Plus, part Facebook.  It’s got so many personalities that it’s almost impossible to understand or explain what they’re trying to accomplish with it.

I remember using ifttt for the first time and feeling the same overwhelm that I felt navigating through  But while I was navigating through ifttt I had a sense of optimism that the ifttt tool could be used to do some amazing things (it can and it has).  With I felt a sense of helplessness beginning with a search of the movie “The Avengers” which yielded Bing’s habitually poor SERP plus one social result.  I can’t see anyone finding enough utility or potential in this tool to take the time to harness it.

It makes me wonder how much value there is in retail consumer search, and if so who is going to realize it?  If is any indication – it won’t be Microsoft.



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