Google – How to rank higher for your name on Google #infographic

Google may not be as trendy as some of the upstart social networks, but as the #1 site in the world it is a very important site for your personal brand.

Google is the easiest place for employers to look for you

Your personal brand is becoming increasingly important. Whether trying to rank high on Klout or Kred, it is quite possible that your future employer will Google you to see how large your digital footprint is.

While only 2% of the population owns their entire first page of Google,  94% percent of searchers never look beyond the first page when Googling a person’s name. Therefore, it is important to try and get yourself placed as prominently on the Google SERP (search engine results page) as possible.

How to rank better on Google

A recent infographic by BrandYourself had some interesting points:

  • Linkedin is king when it comes to Google SEO. Make sure your profile is filled out completely.
  • Vimeo ranks higher than YouTube. (Though I recommend posting to both)
  • Flickr is currently the only photo hosting site that ranks on the first page of Google.

brandyourself Google infographic

In addition to BrandYourself’s ideas, consider the following:

  • Fill out your Google profile completely, with a photo so ensure that you show up in Google searches.
  • Make sure your Facebook page has your name in the URL.
  • Curate a WordPress Blog (ranks highest among blog portals) to put your best foot forward beyond the resume.
  • Twitter stores each tweet with a custom URL, so be sure to have your name in your Twitter profile and update regularly.
On a related note: blogging on other sites can boost your Google rating immediately.  The blog I posted here last month is currently ranked #2 when I Google my name. Right under my Linkedin profile.

Protect your brand

Above all, remember that everything you publish online is a public record and will be there forever. Be sure that your links, articles, photos, and everything you tweet is a reflection on your personal brand.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You are what you Tweet

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  • Clive Roach

    Great advice thanks! For me Twitter was number 1 and my blog ranked 3 and that was Tumblr. I also have WordPress. Another site not on your list was Quora, that was also high for me on my SERP, position 8

    • bethmcshane

      Thanks for your comment, Clive!
      I, too, have recently noticed Quora coming up in the ranks of Google searches…I Think Quora and Instagram are making a comeback!! 😛

  • Chris Westfall

    I’m loving these great insights – thanks for sharing. Next stop: zerply, and brandyourself!

  • Cybercorp Software

    I also did not know about Zerply or Brandyourself so thanks for that.

  • SterlingDee

    Nice – set up a brandyourself. Also, (anecdotally) I noticed that my Behance portfolio ranks on the first page for my results while I can’t even find my DeviantArt (these are popular art/art portfolio sites). My Behance only has a picture of me at the moment, while I actively update my DeviantArt. So anyone into art will want to set up a Behance portfolio!