How to use iPhone shortcuts to be a Twitter ninja

If you are like me, you are always looking for a quick way to be more efficient with your social media. Time is money, and whether you are a community manager, a small business, or a Twitter aficionado; it’s always nice when you can save a few steps along the way. Today’s tip is for iPhone users.

If you are not an iPhone user, you have my apologies and you can now safely click off this site…. (editor’s note: that is the opinion of the author only.  You are welcome to stay as long as you like :) )


This is a simple trick that has saved me countless hours once I got used to the idea. From your iPhone Settings page, go to:


From here you can press on the add Add (+) button on the top righthand side of the page and create simple letter combinations as shortcuts. When you type in these shortcuts, your iPhone will automatically substitute in the pre-determined phrases. For example, I have my phone programmed such that hgd= Have a great Day! and tff= Thanks for the Follow!

Now all I have to do is type six letters: “tff hgd” to tweet: “Thanks for the Follow! Have a great Day!”

You are only limited by word combinations in the dictionary

There are endless possibilities, and of course the key is genuine interaction. But a time saver here and there makes for more time to spend listening and engaging with my client’s audience.

I’m sure you can think up many other clever phrases and applications for the iPhone shortcuts and how to use them with Twitter. I’d love to hear them in your comments below!



Beth McShane
I'm a Pacific Northwest puddle whisperer with a passion for all things social.
  • Tessa Kravitz

    I set up some of these when I got my iPhone. Love it! But I sometimes forget they are there. lol.

    • bethmcshane

      When I wrote the blog, i realized there were lots of phrases I had also forgotten to use as time went by…:)

  • Dolores

    Thanks! Great idea!

    • bethmcshane

      YVM = You are Very Welcome!! 😛

  • Ted Rubin

    This is an awesome tip Beth. Thanks so much for sharing. I bet there is so much more my iPhone can do that I do’t know about :-) Don’t even want to think about what I am missing on my Mac Air 😉

  • Therouxsherry

    I appreciate your tips very much, I am not very tech Davy & am learning daily. Your Twitter tips have been so helpful & when time allows I try to utilize a new learn at least twice a day

  • Bon Crowder

    I put in shortcuts for the hashtags I use frequently – mc=#mathchat, tm=#thatsmath, etc. Makes responding on tweetchats much easier!

  • Barrett Rossie

    (You are my hero!)