How to build and communicate your brand

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Tiffany Clarke Harrison

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You hear it and think Nike, Coke, Apple.

You think branding is for the big boys with their monster truck advertising budgets and super-sized creative departments. It’s for businesses with multi-floored buildings, receptionists, and water coolers.

Branding isn’t for Esty sellers hovered over the kitchen table at a sewing machine while toddlers nap in their beds.  Branding isn’t for copywriters and web designers, cutting, pasting, and right-clicking their way through the evening after working a 9-5.

You think ‘I’m not Steve Jobs. Branding isn’t for me.’

Yes, you gloriously talented entrepreneur—branding is for you too.

What is a brand?

Brand—it doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

It doesn’t have to be all corporate, and jargon, and hard.

Branding is simply knowing who you are, what you stand for, and communicating that through your
work, words, and visuals (i.e. website).

How to start building and communicating your brand

1. Know who you are- Be yourself—you are your most valuable product. Are you fun-loving,
outgoing, and spirited? Are you introspective, calm, and analytical? Be those things and be
proud of it. Your personality as an entrepreneur is an integral part of your brand. You will
attract like-minded people who will love to love (and buy from) you.

2. Know what you stand for- What is the underlying message of your business beyond products
and services? People want something to believe in. Give it to them. My business isn’t just about engaging copywriting, it’s about loving who you are, what you do, and getting better at it every single day. It’s something people can get on board with.

3. Communicate- If you’re the fun girl inspired by patterns and bright colors; show that in your site
design, logo, and copy. Keep things upbeat and lively, young and fresh. No matter your style,
develop a series of colors, graphics, and phrases that are uniquely yours and use them often.
People will begin to recognize your signature font, style, or phrase as representative of you and
what you stand for.

What tips do you have for building and communicating your brand?

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Tiffany Clarke Harrison
Tiffany Clarke Harrison is a copywriter for creative women entrepreneurs who are rockin’ their talents through businesses that help others live and enjoy their best life (e.g. business and life coaches, culinary goddesses, fitness instructors). She's the author of 'Read All Over: The Creative Girl's Guide to Writing for her Business' Website', and 24/7 husband & toddler-wrangler. Want more from Tiffany? Subscribe today!
  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Tiffany,

    Super tips!

    Being yourself is the best branding tip. You are an original. If you are true to you, guess whose brand becomes world-famous? Yours.

    Why? Because so few people are true to themselves, so few speak their mind, that you stand out like a sore thumb.

    You express your originality and make a firm impress as your brand becomes powerful.

    Thanks for sharing Tiffany!


  • Tia Perry

    Great post Tiffany! Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Aliza Earnshaw

    You are right, Tiffany. Any business owner can ask him or herself: Who is my ideal customer? What problem am I solving for my customer? What’s the unique value I provide that makes me different from my competitors? The answers to these questions do shift from time to time, but they also provide great guidelines and checkpoints for branding your own business.

  • Robert Young

    Nice piece, Tiffany. Love the way you break it down into simplistic points. Makes sense.

  • Lola

    This was an awesome piece and really helped me as I begin to transition into a new branding. Thanks so much for breaking it down!