How consistency speaks louder than words

“Actions are louder than words; as is consistency. Blend the two together and you have the truth of that moment, of that person, of that character.” – FNM

I saw a quote that stated “I don’t believe what you say. I believe what you do.”  At first impulse I wanted to ‘like’ the Facebook post, but then I paused and remembered that I know many individuals who speak and act differently, but their words are actually true to their thoughts (even if not portrayed through their actions).

This pause made me want to underline how consistency in actions and words is much more essential to finding the truth than solely looking at actions and words.

Sometimes people may say things they believe, but not have the impulse to apply them. They could refrain due to an issue in their life we don’t know about or it could be that they merely take words and what they say lightly (giving it no weight whatsoever).

Either way, their true person, character or way of behaving and/or reacting in a particular moment will come out through their consistent actions and words.

It isn’t merely because an individual says one thing and does another; or acts one way, but doesn’t speak it that will (or could) unfold their person and who they are. It is through the years of getting to know them, being around them, noticing the little things they do or don’t do, say or don’t say.

Empathy, willingness to look farther than your subjective views and ways, no outlines and no expectations is what can make a blind person see.  Anything else is a veiled truth created by one’s own subjective views and schemes.

Thank you for the spark that lit my writer’s fire on this day through your lovely shares A Beautiful Mess Inside via Quotes And Sayings.

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Maria Florio
Maria Florio is a passionate entrepreneur with various specialties and interests: writer, copywriter, e-commerce inbound marketer, Italy travel specialist and event planner. Her biggest passions are life and humanity. Her favorite mottos include "Our potential rises to the unimaginable. To inspire, live life, and favor humanity." ~ FNM and “Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that what’s meant to be will always find a way to come.” ~ Unknown.
  • Barrett Rossie

    My favorite quote of all time, from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
    “What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.”

    But your point is well taken. Not everyone has the freedom or power to act according to what they truly believe. Maybe it’s true for everyone to some extent. Kind of sad, but it’s good to have the empathy to see and understand the situation.

  • Sean Jeffries

    Well put Barrett, and thanks to you both for sharing. Maria, I think this idea also fits well with something I was listening to yesterday- that it’s not always enough to simply *believe* in a thing for it to be true, we often must *act* on it to fulfill whatever promise or opinion we’ve shared or want to uphold. Just another example of actions having a greater impact than just words.