Facebook asks do you Like it or LIKE it Like it?

Facebook’s new pages feed asks: “Do you Like it or do you Like it, Like it?”

Another day brings another change for Facebook: the new Facebook ‘Pages Feed’ is now available to a select set of users. The new feature is in response to the growing number of complaints that Facebook’s algorithm is unfairly squashing the marketing efforts of pages. Many page admins now claim that they are being forced to pay for what was once free, with only 10% of users seeing any given posts on a page.

The new feed will make it possible for a user to view all the status updates for the pages that they Like in one stream. The users regular feed will most likely still contain sponsored posts and the most popular posts based on the site’s algorithm along with friends’ status updates.

Facebook Like It Like it

Up until now, a user has been given two choices when Liking a page: “Add to Interest Lists” or “Show in News Feed.” The Page Feed update, if rolled sitewide  will also give users the option to “Get Notifications.” This third option will send the user a notification whenever a page shares something.

The option to really Like something reminds me of that classic Wonder Years episode where Kevin and Winnie get in a very serious pre-pubescent discussion about how much she likes Kurt:

WINNIE: I don’t know. Do you mean do I “like him” like him, or do I just like him?
KEVIN: The first one, I guess.
WINNIE: Well, I like Kirk. But I’m not sure I “like him” like him.

Apparently the confusion between Liking something and Liking, Liking something does not end in junior high.

I wonder how many users will opt-in for receiving notifications. I know that between my friends, the pages I manage and my groups, that I have already opted out of almost every single notification possible and choose to just check my Facebook page daily instead.

Only time will tell if the general Facebook public will accept this update. I believe the update that most of us would really like to see is a better algorithm – an algorithm that actually puts the information that we are interested in at the top of the page and moves the rest to the bottom.

If you haven’t had the chance to test the new feature out, you can see what your feed would look like by checking out this link.

What do you think about the new Page Feed and “Get Notifications” option – do you Like it, Like it?

Terra Higginson

Terra Higginson

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  • http://www.facebook.com/katherine.tattersfield Katherine Tattersfield

    I would much rather see an improved algorithm. I don’t see a need to filter out posts when users have already liked pages. If people aren’t interested in their newsfeeds, maybe they need to be more selective about liking fan pages. If they are no longer interested, all they have to do is unlike the page.

    • jimdougherty

      Great insight Katherine! I wish there were an easier way for people to manage their content on their own terms.