Be thankful for social blessings

In the spirit of the coming holiday, I want to give thanks for social media. Like you’re wish for the Thanksgiving prayer, over a heaping plate of food, this post is short and sweet.  Here’s the top three things that make me thankful for social media in 2012:

  1. Twitter Friends: I’ve met the most amazing people on twitter. I find it really sweet to cultivate these relationships, with people who share similar interests, not to mention the amazing networking opportunities. It doesn’t hurt to get a tweet from @PhaedraParks or one of my other favorite reality show stars.
  2. Pinterest: Awwww Pinterest how I love thee, let me count the ways. To be successful in social media, one must be extremely strategic and disciplined. Pinterest  for me, is sweet and just plain fun. I know, I know there are a million ways to use Pinterest to boost a business, raise a profile, or grow a brand Sometimes I just want to find a great recipe, to feed my man, with no strings attached.  I really don’t do much on Pinterest except pin cool pictures and find great food. Don’t tell the social media police. I’ll try to do better next year.
  3. Guest Posting: I’m really grateful Jim asked me to guest post on his blog. Since I was a child, I’ve been a writer. Over time, I let life move me away from my passion for the art of writing. When Jim asked me to be a part of Leaders West, I discovered I was in the company of amazing people sharing their words on the blog. I appreciate Jim for reigniting my passion and commitment for writing. People who work in the service of helping other people are angels, I think of Jim that way. Thank you. 

I want to hear what you found most exciting about social media this year. Please leave a comment or become one of my twitter friends. I would love to shoot the breeze with you @hilleriecamille.

Until next time happy Thanksgiving!

(editor’s note: I’m humbled and thank you Hillerie – you rock!!!)

Hillerie Camille
I'm a social media, and reality show obsessed, public relations professional who loves tech and pop culture. I author a Life and Style Blog teaching women how to kill it at work. In my spare time, I mentor an amazing group of Mass Communication Students at Grambling State University. I also love traveling, so maybe I'll see you around.
  • jimdougherty

    Thanks so much for your kind mention, Hillerie! I’m so grateful for your contributions as well! By the way, very impressed by Phaedra – would have been more impressed by Dwight. My favorite! Happy Thanksgiving!