Be thankful for social blessings

Photo: Wild Turkey Credit: Yousif Waleed

In the spirit of the coming holiday, I want to give thanks for social media. Like you’re wish for the Thanksgiving prayer, over a heaping plate of food, this post is short and sweet.  Here’s the top three things that make me thankful for social media in 2012:

  1. Twitter Friends: I’ve met the most amazing people on twitter. I find it really sweet to cultivate these relationships, with people who share similar interests, not to mention the amazing networking opportunities. It doesn’t hurt to get a tweet from @PhaedraParks or one of my other favorite reality show stars.
  2. Pinterest: Awwww Pinterest how I love thee, let me count the ways. To be successful in social media, one must be extremely strategic and disciplined. Pinterest  for me, is sweet and just plain fun. I know, I know there are a million ways to use Pinterest to boost a business, raise a profile, or grow a brand Sometimes I just want to find a great recipe, to feed my man, with no strings attached.  I really don’t do much on Pinterest except pin cool pictures and find great food. Don’t tell the social media police. I’ll try to do better next year.
  3. Guest Posting: I’m really grateful Jim asked me to guest post on his blog. Since I was a child, I’ve been a writer. Over time, I let life move me away from my passion for the art of writing. When Jim asked me to be a part of Leaders West, I discovered I was in the company of amazing people sharing their words on the blog. I appreciate Jim for reigniting my passion and commitment for writing. People who work in the service of helping other people are angels, I think of Jim that way. Thank you. 

I want to hear what you found most exciting about social media this year. Please leave a comment or become one of my twitter friends. I would love to shoot the breeze with you @hilleriecamille.

Until next time happy Thanksgiving!

(editor’s note: I’m humbled and thank you Hillerie – you rock!!!)

Hillerie Camille
I'm a social media, and reality show obsessed, public relations professional who loves tech and pop culture. I author a Life and Style Blog teaching women how to kill it at work. In my spare time, I mentor an amazing group of Mass Communication Students at Grambling State University. I also love traveling, so maybe I'll see you around.


  1. jimdougherty says

    Thanks so much for your kind mention, Hillerie! I’m so grateful for your contributions as well! By the way, very impressed by Phaedra – would have been more impressed by Dwight. My favorite! Happy Thanksgiving!

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