Has Pinterest jumped the shark?

Has Pinterest “Jumped the shark“?  Yes?  No Way?  Maybe?

I used play with Pinterest daily way back in December of 2011.  It was the coolest visual toy on the web.  Now brands are experimenting with it too.  We begged for Analytics and soon after third-party tools appeared.  Is the bloom off of the Pinterest rose or are we just getting started here?

Remember way back when Pinterest was Cool?

The interface was mesmerizing and somehow soothing.  The images were like eye candy.  I could not get enough!  Countless hours were spent exploring the site.  I remember the excitement of new images appearing in the stream.  Pinterest’s traffic grew from December through February of this year. After declining a bit into April, their traffic has grown so much that they passed Twitter, Bing, and Yahoo to become the #4 driver of traffic worldwide.  Unique Visitor growth increased 5x from 5 million per month in December 2011 to just under 25 million in August 2012. Maybe it is not as cool to the early adopters (moi), but still growing in traffic and monthly unique visitors.

Some Brands Embrace Pinterest and Others Don’t

L’Oreal’s Rachel Weiss stopped using Pinterest because she got “bored”.  They are still experimenting with Pinterest, but most of their resources are dedicated to Facebook, “because they have the most scale”.  Other brands like Sephora have integrated “Pin It” buttons on all of the product pages of their web site.  And “when consumers click on the button via their mobile device they can shop for the product right then and there.”

Analytics Tools Appear From Third-Parties

We went from no Pinterest analytics to a bunch new tools plus Google Analytics features.  We had Pintics, Pinpuff, and Pinerly to name a few.  Google Analytics added features that let you view your Pinterest web and mobile traffic.  You can also see which Pinterest URLs are sending traffics as well.  Now Pintics has closed its doors as of October 31, 2012 sending all of their users to Pinfluencer so that they can refocus on their new “Pinterest-based e-commerce platform – ShopInterest.co“.  PinPuff has been acquired by Science.  It remains to be seen what that will mean.  And Pinerly is now Reachli!


Has Pinterest “Jumped the Shark”?  Probably not yet, but it has changed since I first started using it last year.  It should continue to grow and attract more people and brands that will use it in new and interesting ways into 2013 and for some time to come. More traffic and visitors means more experimentation by brands.  Pinterest is too big to ignore right now.  But it is still early days for the mobile and social web.

What do you use Pinterest for?  Do you use it as much as you used to?

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