Twelve random acts of kindness to kick the giving season off

Below are 12 random acts of kindness that will remind you that the holidays are about the spirit of selfless giving. Small gestures go a long way. I wrote this blog to multiply holiday love! Please share this with others, retweet the blog and share with others who embrace the spirit of giving.

Pass up that primo parking spot at the grocery store or mall for the person behind you.

Help an elderly neighbor to hang their Christmas lights or wreath.

Think of a person in your life that helped you out in a time of need or inspired you. Sit down and write them a letter to know that you appreciate whatever it is, that they did for you.

Next time you are in the drive-thru at Starbucks pay for the cars order behind you.

Bake some extra cookies for your friends and family. Put the cookies in a tin and write a short anonymous note about what makes this person special. Leave the cookies at their door, ring the bell and run. (more fun when done with kids)

Go through your closets and pull out your old coats, hats, boots and blankets and drop them off at a homeless shelter or a church.

Say something nice to someone, who looks like he/she needs to hear a kind word.

There are homeless people everywhere. Make some quality homemade meals. Pack up your meals and deliver with a warm smile.

Every day you see hard working folks, who do not earn as much money as you. Maybe this is the construction guy you pass at the convenience store in the morning or your kid’s bus driver. Give this person two $10 bills and tell them one is for them to do whatever they want. The other $10 bill is for them to give to someone they think needs it.

Next time you are in line at the grocery store or doing your holiday shopping, and you can feel the person in line behind you getting frustrated by waiting, generously offer to let them go in front of you.

This one is great if you have kids. Take a bunch of helium balloons to the pediatric center of a hospital and give each child a balloon and a hug. It is a good idea that you call the nurses desk first to make sure this is okay.

Volunteer an hour or two of your time to read at the library at your kid’s school or serve food at a food shelter.

Random acts of kindness are addictive and like the Grinch will make your heart grow three times the size. The more you can incorporate your spouse and your children into giving the better.

Please share this blog to help spread the holiday spirit this season.

Heather Reid

Heather Reid

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    This is a wonderful idea, I’m going to print and post it on the fridge! Thank you.