Character and business relationships go hand in hand

The importance of your character and that of your social media business partners and/or clients is simple:  it creates long lasting and healthy business relationships.  These two characteristics give strength to your business and promote its growth.

Unfortunately, most businesses need to have clients to stay open and are not necessarily initiating client prospecting with character and company culture in mind. This leads to having clients you could do without.

There are plenty of social media companies that do perfectly fine without scouting clients for clients that have the same cultural mindset, but the work environment and stress that accompanies these types of relationships can affect your harmony and that of your employees in the long run.

The bigger question is do you think it’s worth it, to pour your soul into your business and have to deal with a client you don’t see eye to eye with that makes you work three times as hard; and possibly, even forces you to make compromises on how you do business?  The most common response is no, it is not.

A business relationship built between two entities that have different ways of achieving goals and work ethics can be detrimental to the success of your social media company because your tie is based on fluctuating factors.  These factors most likely include the cost and services you provide, and the first instance of different desires in them (or the introduction of another company that offers the same at less or more services at less) is cause for dismantle.

Two steps you can take to implement and achieve a mutual character client relationship are:

  1. Define your character.-  Know how you want to do social media; there’s not only one way.  We’ve all heard of the charlatans who claim to be social media gurus.  The ones use spammy techniques and are solely focused on the money involved, versus the best interest of their customer’s social media efforts and results.
  2. Prospect solely for clients who meet your character and company culture.
    –  Before initiating any contact you want to do research on the company.  Look at their bio, about section, articles that are published about them, customer and employee comments if available.  Basically, anything that can hint to how the company does business.-  When you meet with the client pay attention to how they communicate, the choice of words, body language. This may seem silly, but it will tell you a lot.

If you’re in a situation where you need to stick to the clients you have, that don’t match your character; your solution is to start the above steps with your new clients.  It will allow you to initiate the process of acquiring mutual character client relationships and eventually gain enough to ensure the stability of your social media business without the clients you want to let go of.


Maria Florio
Maria Florio is a passionate entrepreneur with various specialties and interests: writer, copywriter, e-commerce inbound marketer, Italy travel specialist and event planner. Her biggest passions are life and humanity. Her favorite mottos include "Our potential rises to the unimaginable. To inspire, live life, and favor humanity." ~ FNM and “Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that what’s meant to be will always find a way to come.” ~ Unknown.