How to Use ManageFlitter to Increase Your Influence on Twitter

My favorite Twitter tool, hands down, is ManageFlitter. It is the best way to effectively manage following and unfollowing large numbers of people on Twitter. Not only can you follow and unfollow en masse, but you can also focus your search criteria to get the most out of those you choose follow.

How I use ManageFlitter

I use ManageFlitter every day to first follow 100 accounts and then unfollow 100 accounts that aren’t following me back. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to maximize your presence and influence on Twitter by following accounts that matter and unfollowing those that don’t follow you back.

First, I go to the Follow section and select either the Following or Follower tab. Today I decided to follow 99 people that Jim Dougherty from @leaderswest is following.


I choose the Fast Select option and select up to 99 people to follow. ManageFlitter sends out a warning that you might get banned from Twitter if you try to follow more than 100 people per day.

per day

Next, I go to the Unfollow section. The Not Following back tab should automatically be selected. Now, I need to sort the list so that the people I followed awhile back, and not those I followed today, are listed on the top. Unfollowing recently followed accounts can also get you in trouble with the Twitter police. I select Order and then Follow Order to sort. I then select from 100 to 1,000 people to Unfollow with a single click.

single click

Under default Display settings, I have chosen to exclude people that I have followed in the past 5 days. I also keep a list of whitelisted accounts, which consist of people that I would never want to unfollow – people like my husband and close friends – people that I know if I accidentally unfollowed would certainly end in an awkward conversation.

awkward convo

You might want to go Pro

I have a pro account on ManageFlitter, which I use to manage four to five accounts for consulting work that I do. Each one of my accounts receives special attention, as I grow the community according to its focus. For example, I use the search term soccer to search for accounts of interest to follow for the @GoalShouter Twitter account that I manage. The various filters, such as Relevence, Influence, Listed, permit me to refine these results even further. With the various settings on ManageFlitter, I can focus my efforts where they count.


Through growing my presence and influence on Twitter, I have been able to amplify and cultivate communities, which ultimately leads to a greater ROI for the time and money spent on my social media work. I manage all my accounts in about 30 minutes a day, which means I am saving my time and my clients’ money. I hope these tips help you to do the same.


Photo by Yair Haklai (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
Terra Higginson

Terra Higginson

Digital and Social Media Strategy Consultant at GoalShouter
Digital strategist for GoalShouter and One Take - Caffeine addicted, chocoholic - Need 8 hours of sleep or my alter ego, Darth Vader, takes over
  • Revolutionarymkting

    Very helpful!

  • Jan Moran

    Excellent PST, thanks for sharing!

  • Terra Higginson

    Glad to hear you found it useful!

  • Ke_Ga

    Thanks for the blog post Terra – so happy you find it useful – Kevin & the ManageFlitter team

    • Terra Higginson

      It’s a great tool. Thanks for the hard work and innovative idea, Kevin!

  • Brian Vickery

    Been using TweetSpinner, but I might try ManageFlitter when my subscription ends in March (and it becomes a much more expensive option).

  • ogu

    Hello and thanks for review
    Is there any limit for unfollowing per day on twitter?

    • Ke_Ga

      You may find this article worthwhile to read – Twitter don’t seem to have any limit per say on unfollowing, but they have issues with “churn” – so in theory you can unfollow as many as you want a day if you don’t churn – Kevin, Co-Founder ManageFlitter

    • Terra Higginson

      I play it safe and keep it to around 100. I’ve never had any problems, even when I accidentally unfollowed more than I meant to. I’ve had friends on Twitter tell me that they unfollowed a couple of thousand a day without a problem, but that makes me nervous.

  • Ludmilla

    Well I found this article kind of disturbing. I only follow people whose tweets I am truly interested in. So selecting 100 people in one click seems counter productive and spammy!

    • jimdougherty

      Thanks Ludmilla – I suppose it depends on how you intend to use Twitter. Of course this isn’t a spammy technique at all (spam is unwelcome content broadcast across a wide audience). For businesses intent to discover new customers or prospects (and do something other than sit in front of a screen all day), automation is a huge help. I started using ManageFlitter based upon this article and have found it to be a huge time-saver to discover inactive users, discover new users, and to manage the ins-and-outs of my account. For users using Twitter to interact with a specific, accessible group of people I can see how this would be unnecessary, though. :)

      • Ke_Ga

        Jim is spot-on. Really depends how you use Twitter. For personal accounts following 100 at a time often doesn’t make sense. But for businesses and personal brands on Twitter – often you do want to connect with a group of people at a time and start engaging with them. We always recommend following no more than 100 a day and we warn against “churning” – that is rapidly following/unfollowing. We encourage all of our users to be familiar with Twitter’s Terms of Services and Guidelines. In terms of the other ManageFlitter features, having a way to gain insight into your Twitter account is exceptionally useful for most. Hope this helps. Kevin, Co-Founder ManageFlitter

    • Terra Higginson

      I agree with Kim and Kevin. It really depends on how you use Twitter. I started out using it as a personal user, which is different than my aim as a social media consultant or a business user. I think to avoid spamming is to be careful with your content.

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