Ten ways to convert more customers using psychology

Converting leads into customers is a top marketing goal for businesses. A few months ago I had shared an infographic that outlined 10 Things Your Customers Wished You Knew About Them. Understanding your customers is important for not only making good business decisions, but also because it’s the first step in creating brand awareness so your prospects discover who you are. The next step of this process is informing and educating these prospects, so they eventually convert into a lead or sale.

Help Scout, a customer service software company has put together this infographic that highlights research related to the topic. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Remind your customers how easy it is to get started (example: one month trial) – help them get past the “Action Paralysis.”
  • Research shows that customers are more trustworthy of companies that own their mistakes, rather than blame external sources.
  • Focus on how your product or service can solve your potential customers pain-points fast. If you make them wait, you’ll loose their interest.
  • Of customers who have a strong relationships with certain brands, 64% said it was because of their shared values with those brands.

Learn more below:

Convert Customers Infographic
Infographic courtesy of Helpscout.

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  • http://twitter.com/brianpeddle Brian Peddle

    I love how they use an example of first month free but then they offer first 15 days free.