How to avoid working with a bad client

Any social media business needs clients.  Everyone knows this.

But when your clients are preventing you from doing your best it is not pleasant.  In the long run it could also bring about the failure of a business’ endeavors.

The wrong client is one that may not want to pay the fair price for services received or one that wants to tell you how to do your job. As a social media business, you are the expert; you know the field, otherwise why hire you?  If you are an employee this still doesn’t render your experience null and void.

Not all clients are created equal

So, how can you ensure a client or employer that appreciates and understands the fact that you are the professional who knows their way around social media?

Tip 1: Know yourself, be objective about your knowledge and expertise, and know what compromises you are willing to accept.

With this awareness (as you discuss the challenges and strategies that lay ahead) you can understand if you meet the client’s expectations and if they meet yours.

Tip 2: Know what type of social media marketer you are.

This means: are you willing to buy followers, create fake accounts or are you a believer in building genuine relationships, acquiring brand visibility for the great service your (potential) client provides?  If you haven’t already noticed, there are multiple ways social media managers and businesses plan their marketing strategy. It is fundamental you know where you stand on this to find the best business-client relationship (or employer-employee relationship).

Tip 3: This will sound cliché, but trust your gut.

It will almost never lead you astray. No one wants to say no to business or a job, but if you are in a position where you can make a choice, make the right one for you.

Value yourself and your work

Sticking to a choice of clients or employers that are in tune with who you are, how you market and manage your social media accounts, and feel right will benefit you and your business goals.

If your social media business is not in a position where it can choose, these tips can help you with the acquisition of new clients. As you slowly build the long term solid client relationships you will eventually be able to let go of the wrong ones.

These three tips are really saying, “Value yourself, value your work and know your heart; listen to it because it will never do you wrong.”

What do you think?  How discriminating are you about the clients you choose?  Are there any tips you would add?

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Maria Florio
Maria Florio is a passionate entrepreneur with various specialties and interests: writer, copywriter, e-commerce inbound marketer, Italy travel specialist and event planner. Her biggest passions are life and humanity. Her favorite mottos include "Our potential rises to the unimaginable. To inspire, live life, and favor humanity." ~ FNM and “Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that what’s meant to be will always find a way to come.” ~ Unknown.
  • Daniel DiPiazza

    Sometimes I have difficult clients that demand so much of me that I’d literally have to change who I am to cope. I’d rather drop the client that change :)

  • Joseph Ruiz

    Excellent advice Maria courage and confidence are great partners I needed to see this thank you!

  • Constance Woodson

    Great post Maria. Glad to be here to share over 15 years of client facing experiences,…bad and good. Hands down and hand claps…not all clients are equal. Clients are individuals too. You want their business, you must build trust and demonstrate your expertise will help their lives, Remember we all have a backstory. Here’s where Psychology 101 comes into play; 90% of the time client hostility can trickled down from a prior negative situation. In other words, may not be about you! It’s like a marriage: listen carefully, be authentic, and don’t be so quick to be change agent. Most times, clients just want you to listen. If this approach doesn’t work, excuse yourself from what deems a hopeless situation. .