How little actions can make a big impact

It’s important that we always remember to be original, to be ourselves and realizing that we are genuine, unique and wondrous creations.   I see so many people trying to be poor imitations of someone else.

I love this next quote and it is a quote that I also have on my Facebook page:

“Rather be a first rate impression of yourself than a second rate impression of someone else.”  

I really do my best to live this: I definitely do not want to be a copy of someone else.  I want to innovate, never imitate.

However, do we honestly get to be AMAZING by ourselves? I doubt it.

Who makes you amazing?

How often have you even stopped to think about who keeps you amazing?  Sometimes it’s the person who does something so small as to make us a cup of coffee.  Or the person who gives that special smile to us when we feel down.  Or even the person who just calls us when things feel turned inside out and upside down.   I want to write about the gratitude we can give those people who do those little things that make a big impact on our lives.

I have a special friend who never tires of me, who never stops advising me, who is so busy with their business that often he doesn’t even go sleep for days on end but still finds time to speak to me.  He lives in a totally different time zone.

I met my friend when my life was at a very tender time: I was torn between staying in the corporates, I didn’t have a clue how to use Twitter properly, how to engage, how to use proper internet etiquette, or how to build a website.  He reassured me, constantly stayed in contact.  During this time and during my growth, he has been there every step of the way, teaching me, assisting, advising and giving me the space, time and ability to learn and share.   He uses phrases like “no matter what you decide, I will be there 100% of the way”, “Your success is most important to me” and he lives this.  He is totally unselfish in his time. I remember a few occasions where I just needed to vent and I just Google chatted asking for a few minutes of advising time and “voila” there was the reply.  My advising time was not just a few minutes from his schedule, it was 2 hours.  Besides giving me support he is a charitable person, constantly giving his time and funding to causes.  He keeps integrity high on his schedule.   He never talks about it but his reputation talks for him worldwide.

Pay it forward.

Typically I blog about business, but I felt compelled to blog about kindness that I have received.

This person gives WITHOUT expectation of return.  It is something so touching in this day and age where “dog eat dog” seems the norm.  Without mentioning his name, I just want to say thank you. You know who you are and thank you for “packing my parachute”.  In case any of you haven’t heard the story, go and see it here.

Who are you thankful for today?  Have you shown gratitude to the people who are helping to float your boat?


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Ursula Hasenkopf
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  • Kathy

    Thank you for this inspiring reminder! We all beam when we hear genuine words of appreciation. “Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.” RWEmerson