Book Review: Social Media Commerce for Dummies by @MarshaCollier

Oftentimes, people who blog and who participate on social media platforms seem to forget why people might be there searching for information. We marketers get carried away with phrases like “Content Marketing” and we wax poetical on things that may impact us on a regular basis but may not necessarily impact our companies. What a lot of people are still looking for right now, however, is a run-down of the basics. They are starting a company, perhaps, and they want to know how, or whether, social media should play a role in what they are doing.

For a thorough, easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide, I can now highly recommend Marsha Collier’s Social Media Commerce for Dummies.I think people have mixed feelings about the “for dummies” series – and I admit I was guilty of that before reading this book. No one likes to be called a dummy, for one thing, but I also assumed that “for dummies” meant that the content would be so watered down and so basic that it wouldn’t really help anybody.  Let me assure you, at least in terms of Marsha’s book, I was dead wrong.

There are four major sections of the book: Prepping for social media commerce, adapting your web presence, casting for and catching customers, and supporting your social media efforts. Marsha takes each of those sections and divides them into smaller sections that are packed with detail. I learned about a lot of great sites, including one that can go a long way in helping you customize your Facebook page.  When Marsha talks about demographics, she gives you a long list of sites that can help you analyze your online followers and fans. When she talks about apps, she gives you a long list of sites that can evaluate apps, serve as apps, or help you create your own apps. Marsha also is careful to incorporate real-world examples and first-person experience, so you know she isn’t just blowing smoke.

Unlike other social media books which can be kind of “heady,” you won’t read this book and then bury it on your shelf. Especially if you’re getting started, this is the kind of book that you will want to tattoo with sticky notes, handwritten notes, highlighters, and more. It’s a great manual to keep on your desk as you work to figure out your business strategy, and the step-by-step approach helps make what could be a daunting experience quite manageable.

You can buy Marsha’s book here  (not affiliate).  Hope you enjoy!

Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman is the Director of Client Development at Clayman Advertising, Inc., her family's full service marketing firm located in Akron, Ohio. Margie is the third generation of the family to work there. Margie blogs at and has authored an e-book called The ABCs of Marketing Myths, which you can read about here:
  • Marsha Collier

    I work very hard to translate to those who are overburdened by what they consider to be “too complicated.” Thank you for seeing my intent. These words coming from you mean a lot.

  • Diane Brogan

    When I am learning something new, I always reach for the Dummies series. They are the easiest to understand. I have read several of Marsha Collier’s books. They are all excellent. They are full of helpful, easy to understand language.

    Keep up the good work Marsha.

    Thanks for the excellent review Margie.

    • Marsha Collier

      Thank you Diane. I guess we are old enough to admit we’re sometimes “Dummies” LOL

  • Kenna Griffin

    Sounds like a great book! The “for dummies” series doesn’t bother me because there are topics that I am a “dummy” about. The point is to be such no longer. :)