How a simple act of gratitude can make a huge impression

It’s hard to imagine that the graceful Princess Diana had something in common with the CEO of Zappos or a car care center isn’t it?

So what is it?  What do a former beauty queen and world icon, a CEO and a car company have in common that YOU should be applying too?

It’s a simple phrase: THANK YOU!

Royal Gratitude

Thank you is the numero uno phrase that always pays.  It’s arguably the most underused too.  Are you using it right?  Are you maximizing the potential effect this simple little phrase can have on your small business?  If not, let me give you some examples from the pros:

Did you know that Princess Diana took a set of stationary cards EVERYWHERE she went?  Each time she would meet someone new or participate at an event, which was often, when she got back in the car she took out her trusty stash of stationary and wrote a note, a “THANK YOU, it was nice to meet you,” kind of note.

Imagine if you did that with a new client, an awesome referring client or an affiliate partner.  What do you think the impact would be?  It may not be at the scale of getting a note from the world’s most beloved Princess, but it would be something that person would really remember.  Why? Because 99 percent of businesses never do it!

Don’t resort to email or texting.  Get a stack of stationary, keep it somewhere close and write a quick note.  Keep some in your car, at the office and at home and try it out – people will remember.

It’s not just the shoes

Tony Hsieh is a client satisfaction marketing mogul. He has created a legacy revolving around the simple phrase – ” thank you.”   Tony shows the world how he applies the principle in his own little way. It’s things like free overnight expedited shipping, a return policy that’s bar none and reinventing the workplace.   His infectious applications of expressing a “thank you” are even changing the face of downtown Las Vegas – a run-down, old part of town in the middle of the desert!

His actions show that “thank you” is a whole lot more than just a phrase.  It’s a way of living and recognizing that everyone you associate with can influence and change your business for good – when you appreciate them and recognize them for who they are.  Isn’t that the best way to say “thank you?”

Now back to those actual thank you notes…

Priority Toyota made me their priority

I took my car in the other day for an oil change and tire rotation, simple run-of-the-mill maintenance.  I wasn’t bringing the high dollar repairs into the service station that day, but they still said “thank you.”

After I waited an hour for routine maintenance, typing away on my iPad in their ‘customer satisfaction,’ designated area, I was ready to go! None of us like wasting time at the car repair shop, right?  They called my name, I got the keys and headed to my car (which they had driven to the door for me).  When I got in the car I found a simple little note on the dashboard. It said ”thank you.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to express a thank you.  It will show in your actions and your words and it will change the way your clients and potential clients see you.  It may even change the way you see yourself.

Remembering to use this simple phrase and apply it in actions often will MAX your marketing in a more powerful way that you can imagine.  Try it. I dare you.


The post “One Powerful Marketing Tool that Princess Diana, Tony Hsieh and Priority Toyota Rock” by Bonnie Andrews as originally published in the MAX That Marketing Blog

Bonnie Andrews
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  • Anita Hovey

    Great examples of gratitude…it’s really such a simple thing to do. I actually send out a lot of thank you cards…and my difference is that I’ve hand made all of them! Lucky for me it was an all-consuming hobby before I started my business. I get thank you e-mails, tweets and FB messages all the time from these cards. People remember something different!

    • Bonnie Andrews

      Handmade makes a huge impression. It’s a cherry on top for sure!

  • Kenna Griffin

    Never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you. It’s huge!

    • Bonnie Andrews

      Can’t agree more. The return is worth far more than the few minutes it takes to write it, track an address and get it in the mail. (I found that colored sharpies and a little random artwork interspersed tend to make a serious lasting impression – sometimes I even get a thank you note back for the ‘thank you!’)

  • Carl Ramallo

    Awesome article.

    • Bonnie Andrews

      Thanks Carl, glad it was worth the read :)