A day in the life of a social media marketer

Being a full time social media marketer, I wanted to bring a bit more insight into the attached infographic, “The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Marketer.” My perspective comes from being an entrepreneur and owning my own social media agency. Social media is definitely not a 9-5 job.

We are continuing to see this with large brands being active on weekends and during large sporting events like the Super Bowl.

The infographic is correct that many social media marketers start work at 5am, and this is also an important part of the job. Being active on client social media channels before your clients are out of bed is a great strategy for such platforms as Facebook and Google +, as their message is seen as people are getting ready for their morning, and while commuting to work. The opposite can be said for such platforms as Twitter, as many people know that a tweet dies within 30 second or less.

I personally see 5am – 7am to be the most important part of the day to reach fans across multiple client accounts, and on various platforms. This of course will vary depending on your fan page, and industry. I also find the morning time to be quite important for newsworthy information sharing. Such events like the Burger King Twitter hacking have become old news. The story has been told so many times, it has become almost washed out. Being up at 5am, you can catch trending articles from the Europe, Australia, Asia, and discuss them on social channels before they become old news.

Another great time to reach fans and potential customers is in the evenings. This various from industry to industry, but I see it as a key time for my clients. If you think of those who have social platforms blocked at work, or are waiting for dinner to cook, often pop on social platforms and interact/search for news/blog articles or for a source of entertainment. This is a great time to interact with them. It’s also a great time for social media marketers to review how their day went and plan for the next.


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The original post, “The Day In The Life Of A Social Media Marketer” by Michelle Bucher was originally published on mbucherconsulting.com
Illustration by myself – Bilboq (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Infographic credit: “What do Social Media Marketers Do All Day?”
Michelle Bucher

Michelle Bucher

Marketing Consultant and Social Media Marketer at MBucher Consulting
Michelle Bucher is the founder of MBucher Consulting, an interactive marketing agency with a special focus on social media management. She`s passionate about social media marketing, and has turned that passion into a business. Michelle works towards assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs to make a strong social media impression.
  • Trace Scott

    Well done on the infographic!!

  • lois Beatson

    such a commonsense approach.. good values, and a role model for anyone aspiring to go into business for themselves.. congratulations.. L.Beatson