How to personalize your digital brand

Give your brand a face and the customer relationships will follow.

It’s no big secret: people do not like logos, people like people. By taking this one small, but important fact into account as you consider you social media marketing plan, you can increase your brand recognition and interaction.

People like people.

Be Real. Don’t force people connect with a brand, but allow them to connect with your social media team or your customer service reps or even your CEO. Individual team members can sign their name at the end of a tweet or post for a personal touch. You have a name and your customers want to know who you are. You can even put together bios of your social media team on your website.

Be Sincere. Sincerity goes a long way online. Honest one-to-one interaction over time builds relationships and loyalty. Don’t create a stream of advertisements. Gain their trust before you try to sell them anything. Focus on content and interesting daily interactions that will benefit your followers.

Be Proactive. Respond to negative posts with excellent customer service to show your customers that you care. Take the opportunity to show how great your customer service is on a daily basis.

Be Generous. Remember this is not a one-way street, so dole out daily retweets. Interact with other team members online and have them interact with your brand. Pay attention to your customers and you will build long lasting relationships.

In Conclusion

Create authentic communication. Let your personality shine. Tell jokes. Ask questions. Be clever. Be real and the business will follow.

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Terra Higginson

Terra Higginson

Digital and Social Media Strategy Consultant at GoalShouter
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