The four virtues of an influencer

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Who you learn from can be as important as what you are learning.

I had the great pleasure of meeting in person a mentor of mine, Michael Hyatt. He was speaking about leading in times of change, at the Boca Raton Resort and Country Club for a private event. I was not part of the group, but Erin Thomas and the AFT were gracious enough to entertain my request to join them for this one session.

Four virtues of an influencer

Back to the topic at hand: finding good, quality sources of influence. Here are four areas that I consider, whether looking for a role model, mentor, or source of wisdom.

1. Values – does this individual or source have values in common with me? The more similarities you share in values, the more likely their advice will be something you can latch onto.

2. Expertise – what are the credentials involved? Does this source have reliability or authority on the subject? Have they succeeded in the areas they talk about?

3. Relatablity – how well do you connect? This can include style, background, culture, and even sense of humor.

4. Position – is this someone you would like to be one day? Would you like to follow in their path?

Not surprisingly, like attracts like. As you connect and follow individuals that have the qualities you wish to grow and develop, you will meet others of the same mind.

Michael Hyatt and Jonathan Harrison

Michael Hyatt with Jonathan Harrison

Who do you want to influence your life?

It just so happens, I made a great connection at the event who also attended with the same motivation. I’m sure that you will be fortunate in the same way, if you take time to consider who you want to influence your life for the better.

I’d love to hear who you consider a role model!


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  1. says

    Hello Jonathan,

    Who do I want to influence most with my life is myself. I learn from many people but I never take them as my Idol or someone I want to imitate, or want to be like him. There are tons of reason why I don’t take anybody as my role model but one that stands out most is, ‘When I consider a person as my role model or Ideal I conclude my defeat against him because no matter how hard I try I’ll never able to surpass my role model.’

    Anyways, it was an interesting read. so thanks. :)

    • says

      Romy thank you for your comment! There are many reasons individuals should be cautious in taking someone as an idol. However, I believe we all can learn from others’ success, and the student can one day surpass the teacher – I think you can (and should) surpass your role models and mentors.

      How? Learn from many others, use your own voice and adopt the mentality that Hemingway stated: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

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