Why you should get active on Instagram

Instagram is hot…hot…hot in social media right now and Tumblr close behind it. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on Instagram and active with it.

I learned everything I know about Instagram from my 12 year old daughter, who is the “master”, from my perspective. She’s 12 and has more than 2000 followers and she picks up steam adding more followers daily. I hope to some day help her understand the power of possibility and meaning of having more than 2000 people following her on Instagram, it’s pretty cool. Here’s here’s what she taught me.

Lessons from the master

Larder InstagramGet active with Instagram. It’s like any other social media outlet. If you’re not active with it, it isn’t going to grow. My daughter literally “works” at it. For completely different reasons, but she works at it. She’s in a fierce competition with her friends and she aims to win, so she posts, she comments, she follows and she participates. She’s very active with it.

Comment…chat…make remarks and participate. Get out there and “like” other people’s photos that are in line with what you hope to promote at some point.

Don’t promote right away, it’s a quick way to get “unfollowed” and therefore defeats the purpose. Think of new followers on your Instagram account like “Instagram-dating”, can’t go in for the sale too soon. You must warm people up to you before you start selling or promoting something. I unfollow people who do too much promoting and people will unfollow you if you do as well.

Post photos that are relevant and timely. Post photos that make people feel better than they did before they saw your post.

Beautiful and striking photos get way more attention than those lacking personality. Post images that are interesting, different, and striking.

Stay away from that which will offend others or is in poor taste. It’s shocking, some of the things people post publicly; things that are racist, filled with cursing and hate, put downs and posts that are just inappropriate for business . It’s all part of the “social media image”. I one-time saw a Realtor(R) who posted photos of himself shirtless, flexing his muscles after the gym, followed by photos of his messy office which he said needed to cleaned. He had these images mixed in with images about open houses and business dealings. Would you contact a Realtor from Instagram who showed you that he’s unprofessional, has a messy office and apparently disorganized? It’s okay to keep things real and let people get to know you, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot at the same time.

Make sure to tag your posts with keyword hashtags (#). Using hashtags makes your images searchable. Your images will get a lot more likes and more people will find you if you tag your images. It’s a great way to find people who share the same interests.

It’s a lot, but it’s a lot of awesome!

Hate to overwhelm with too much about Instagram, the best way to approach it is to get out there and get to it. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sure to follow you back. My username on Instagram is nadinejlarder, look me up! I can promise you it’s not all business, Instagram is mostly for fun.

What are your experiences with Instagram?

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  • http://twitter.com/DerekTac Derek Tacconelli

    Good tips. Yes, those young girls really know what instagram is all about. I’m constantly on my girlfriend’s heels (but we’re quite older than 12, ha!).

  • http://twitter.com/DerekTac Derek Tacconelli

    Good tips. Yes, those young girls really know what instagram is all about. I’m constantly on my girlfriend’s heels (but we’re quite older than 12, ha!).

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  • http://twitter.com/RigginsConst Riggins Construction