How content marketing can strengthen your social media

Small businesses have a lot to gain from social media. Not only do they gain visibility, but thanks to the lesser costs of social media they are also able to invest the money they save on other forms of marketing reach strategies. These additional investments can integrate with social media efforts, strengthening the overall performance of the end result.

What other strategies are we talking about? There’s at least three: content creation, e-mail marketing, and visual content.

Edward Penfield [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Content Creation

Creating valuable content for end users is very important. It shows customers you care and it shares your expertise, which strengthens your trustworthiness in your industry and among your target market. To ensure your content is interesting and relative you want to make sure it speaks to the needs of your potential clients and that it isn’t a sales speech. Having a calendar for your content creation can help keep you on track with publishing and it will allow you to have plenty of new content to share across your social media channels.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing can help you capture leads through subscription and it gives you the opportunity to build your client/business relationships. To effectively implement e-mail marketing in your business and social media strategy you want to make sure you have a set calendar and the writers to produce enough content so that you can stick to your schedule. The worst thing you can do is start an e-mail marketing list and then disappear. It won’t necessarily bring you loss of business, but it will send the message that you are inconsistent.

Visual Content

Visual content includes pictures, infographics, and memes; to name a few. People love these types of shares because it allows them to take part in the brand’s story or the particular moment you’re sharing. It is also more interesting for some people to read information through pictures and symbols like on an infographic. Creating such visual materials isn’t tough, but even here it is best to have a calendar in place and a consistent development.

As you can note, all three efforts underline the need for consistent development. This is a result of businesses gaining the best results from their investment through a consistent online presence. It is also because this format allows you to add to your social media sharing continuously, which makes it new, fresh and interesting.

Business owners and marketers read and come across this type of strategy all the time; when you are updating on the latest news and trends in your industry. If you like your morning reads and the things you share across your own social media platforms, what makes you think your followers and potential clients won’t?

Illustration wee page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Illustration by Edward Penfield [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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