Infographic: Content marketing as an SEO tactic

By Anthony Anaxagorou (Hard Drive) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m not sure that any of the statistics on this infographic are as compelling as the quote from Matt Cutts essentially saying “build something that people want to read.”

I’m curious to know your thoughts about this infographic or about content marketing for SEO.

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Photo by Anthony Anaxagorou (Hard Drive) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Infographic by Brafton

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  1. Praveen Sharma says

    After these recent Panda updates, everyone is running behind content marketing and trying to post as much content they can. But in the quest of being a smart content marketer, many are comprising with quality over quantity and that’s really sad. Content marketing doesn’t mean throwing any bullshit in the internet world, but you keep on facing such people everyday.

  2. jimdougherty says

    Interesting Praveen, I hadn’t thought of this being a result of the Panda update. I tend to believe it’s like anything else: businesses want to connect with customers. If the quality of the content isn’t good (or if people miss with their efforts), you have to believe that they won’t see traffic on their content. Google can lead a Googler to content, but they can’t make them read. :) Thanks for your insight!

  3. Praveen Sharma says

    Yes. And one thing I totally agree with here is making use content marketing for your branding purpose. After all this why you are doing marketing – TO BE A BRAND. :). Share your stories, your success, failures, views, etc with your audience. Connect to them as a friend, be a part of their chit chats. Amazing stuff.

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