User intent and behavior on social networks varies by gender

Does the way you use social media depend on gender?

When it comes to social media, the way we ladies and you guys behave is quite different. While the men buy into the productivity of social media use in the workplace more than women, its women that actually use social media more than their male colleagues.

Different online behaviors

Even though we both use social media for basically the same reasons, the difference in use is quite interesting. For instance, we do the bulk of Facebook sharing (62%), while more men are on LinkedIn than us (54%). Guys spend more time on YouTube, up to an hour, than the ladies, who spend just 35 minutes there. Twitter appears to be dominated by women (62%), and not surprisingly, Pinterest (70%). It’s no marvel about Pinterest…it’s shopping all the way, and you guys obviously don’t shop…lol!

What are we doing on our social networks? What are we discussing? How much influence do we wield? Hey, I am a woman! What do I do on my social networks?

For starters, I used to be crazy about Twitter, then it was Facebook, now it’s LinkedIn. Don’t judge me by the shift in social platforms. :) Women spend an average of 12 hours per week using social media: nearly 2 hours a day! I don’t think I do that on a daily basis, so I must be a poor comparison to the statistics out there.

Use of social media by gender: stark differences

Overall, though, a higher percentage of women (71%) use social media than men (62%). Women are found to be more likely to use social media in 4 of the top most 5 implementations of social media:

  • communicating with colleagues
  • sharing/reviewing with clients
  • connecting and building relationships
  • promoting a work related initiative

Men are more likely to grow their own professional networks. Women on social media enjoy their online networks nearly as much as they enjoy live social activities, and they even enjoy it slightly more than dating or spending time with their significant other. Since I have no significant other, I might as well enjoy the relationship with my social media platforms while it lasts. :)

Moreover, 62% of women on social media like that social media lets them control who talks to them and who they talk to and 24% of women in social media prefer to socialize through their social media networks more than they do in person.

Social Media is here to stay and is growing in leaps and bounds. No matter your level or experience or gender, it is important to use social media to your benefit. Social Media is a great tool if used properly and maximized to grow your visibility.

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  • Tara Dunn

    Hi Ruth! How did you collect the data used for your post? Thanks!

  • Tara Dunn

    Hi Ruth! How did you collect the data used for your post? Thanks!