Social media marketing trends for the second half of 2013

Corporations are expanding efforts for a breakthrough innovation in social media to beat the heat on the competition mapping. Usage of social media is changing enormously as days pass and so does the marketing gimmicks. So, what’s hot on the table for the second half of 2013?

Some of the TOP social media strategies to look for the rest of 2013:

Social Feedback:

Brands have witnessed negative and positive word of mouth from the consumers over the social channels a lot before those old-fashioned customer satisfaction surveys can fetch any results. Brands that listen and engage with their audience well in time avail the benefits out of the social conversation amongst the consumers. Brands will strategize and focus radically towards social feedback using the listening tools, conversation tracking software and other analytics over the social channels than conducting surveys and feedback.

Legitimate Competition Staging:

Espionage is now legitimate. A lot of brands are predicted to spy their competitors in 2013 over the social channels so to be able to modify their products and services listening to the voices of competitors’ customer feedback. This will help them gain on the competition being a first mover and innovator. Also, the strategy will help rob the customers off from the competitors.

Virtual Performance Measurement:

The moment brands start engaging with their audience online and listen to their feedback, there would be a high demand of implementing this feedback and develop new products and services accordingly. To ensure the quality improvements the performance measurement of employees has to be targeted. Through the help of social media, employees can be evaluated. Better the Brand’s Buzz, better is the employee productivity and performance leading to an overall positive WOM of the Brand. This can be just one factor while developing a PMS ofcourse.

Social Intelligence Optimization:

Social world isn’t just limited to the marketing but also supply chain, management and operations. What’s the best location to operate? Answer lies within social intelligence audits. Not only this, through the help of Social Media; Global suppliers have started to build trust within their customers and generate bigger business volumes. SM applications in market help create a symbiotic association and better relationship between the procurement, payment etc departments within the company. Forget not, Social Media can also be used for internal purposes and strategic alliances.

Location Based Service Delivery:

Whoa! What more can you expect out of social media? Companies are expanding efforts to set up location-centric social reviews that will generate alerts which will derive results as to where the customer is based and at what location or store is he confronting encumbrance to purchase a product or relish an after-sales service.

Increase in the Customer Recommendation:

2013 is expected to witness an increase in the customer testimonials and sharing through Social Media. Brands would be depending more on their social connections for product reviews and recommendations so to be able to create a greater viral over the web.

Infographic and Micro Blogging!

A paradigm shift on the Brand following index will be encountered. Consumers will be following brands on twitter and Pinterest than on Facebook. This will also lead to a double fold increase in the content curation activities like blogging and posting them on micro blogging sites. Also, to use Pinterest effectively an increase in the information graphics is expected.

Wrapping up:

The scope of using social media is just so very much humongous and the corporations using it successfully or are planning to use in a much more dedicated way will surely receive a gargantuan success for 2013. So, get ready and roll your sleeves up!


Annexure – Increase in the Non-Facebook following

Retailer following social media
Source: Clickz

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