Five common Facebook mistakes that your small business is making


I’ve worked with many small businesses, evaluating, defining and executing simple social media strategies on a small budget. Here are five of the most common small business Facebook mistakes that are costing you Likes and valuable interaction.

1. Time It

Posting too much at the wrong time and not enough at the right time is the number one biggest offense that I see small businesses making. Many small businesses are running their own Facebook pages, which means that the amount of time available is very limited. A common mistake is to post when it is convenient for the business, but not when it is convenient to the users. Maybe the only time you have is at night, but your customers are on during the day. This means what your posts are not reaching their audience effectively. It is quite simple to setup a timed post using the little clock located in the lower left hand corner of your status update (see below). Posting at the right time increases the interactions you will get. So, figure out when your customers are online and post accordingly.

Facebook status

2. Remove the Link

The second most common mistake I see is that businesses often leave in the actual link. This is unnecessary; once the automated Facebook link appears with the icon you can just delete the link. In the example below, I typed in and then deleted the highlighted part once Facebook generated the link.

Facebook status and link


So, the final post should look like this. It looks pretty and so much more professional.

FB status

3. Posts Should Reflect Your Brand Image

If you sell luxury beach bags, post about the beach. Take people away to where they want to take their bag. If you sell health products, post health tips, healthy recipes and inspirational quotes. Figure out what image your brand should project and project it.

4. Spell Check

There’s no excuse for spelling errors. We all have spell check. Use it.

5. Leave Hashtags for Twitter

When I see a bunch of hashtags on a Facebook posts, it offends the social media manager in me. Hashtags are best left on Twitter for the time being. However, please note that there has been a backlash against them in general. If you haven’t seen the Jimmy Fallon clip, it’ll give you a good a idea of where hashtags are heading culturally.

Since so many small businesses are running on limited resources, make sure that you are using yours wisely. By following these five simple tips, you will be able to increase engagement on your Facebook page without hiring a social media manager.

Illustration by Guillaume Duchenne [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Terra Higginson

Terra Higginson

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    These are like the basics or let me say, the etiquette of social media marketing. You could have also added using a link shortener while posting a link and a custom image together. I kind of defy using hashtags only on Twitter since it is being used almost on every social media platform. I would say use hashtags wherever you feel the need of it.

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