Does social media work for B2B companies?

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I’ve always wondered why B2B’s executives keep telling me they’re not interested in Social Media for their Business. In my opinion, if there is a business sector that should understand and value Social Media, is precisely B2B. B2B’s professionals had always relied on business contacts and personal relationships with customers. B2C’s, otherwise, normally deal with […]

How Facebook’s algorithm changes impact social businesses


Facebook modified its EdgeRank algorithm… Bad News? Advertisers don’t seem to be particularly happy about the change. Now that they were finally comfortable promoting their stories and cashing out on their hard earned Likes, Zuckerberg’s company changed the playing field and established new rules of engagement… how uncool… Why is Facebook doing this? Facebook’s answer […]

A case study in crowdfunding content


Video Game High School (VGHS) is the most successful webseries of all time boasting more than 36 million views on YouTube in its first season, crowdfunding more than a quarter of a million dollars for production. Its success led to a deal with Netflix to make the webisode content exclusively available for their 33 Million […]

Why does society treat privacy as a disposable commodity?

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Imagine an epic battle between Batman and Ironman… It won’t happen because one is a superhero from DC Comics and the second one belongs to the Marvel Universe. In the world of comic rights, to be one or the other is worse than becoming villainous archenemies. Fortunately, we are not looking to create the ultimate […]

Why long term social media marketing strategy makes sense

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A recent post by Jim Dougherty caught my attention. It discussed a FORBES piece titled “The Truth About Social Media”, and ended asking: “Is Social Media Marketing a “long game” or are social goals more accessible than this?” The real question should read: Is Marketing (stripped off additional tags) a “long game”?  If your answer to this question […]