It’s Just Business


“It’s just business.” It’s a mantra that fills many an employee with fear. It’s no wonder – the phrase typically is used moments before explaining to an employee or two that they are to be laid off. In some cases, the act may be necessary as in the case of an unruly employee or one […]

Personal Branding, Reputation Management, and Character

By Limbo-Messiah at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I haven’t written about personal branding because I haven’t felt equipped to do so. I’ve read posts about it, listened to arguments from both sides, and tried to figure out my own sense of the concept. Both sides provide compelling arguments, but I find myself falling more often on the side that says it doesn’t […]

Your E-Letter Content Matters

Photo: Letter Slot Credit: Robert Linder

A few weeks ago, I overheard two women in a coffee shop talking about e-letters. One of the women said, “I don’t care all that much about the content in my business’ e-letters. It’s the touch point that matters. You know, keeping the business’ name in front of people.” I was more than a little […]