Twelve random acts of kindness to kick the giving season off

Photo: Open Handed Credit: Eastop

Below are 12 random acts of kindness that will remind you that the holidays are about the spirit of selfless giving. Small gestures go a long way. I wrote this blog to multiply holiday love! Please share this with others, retweet the blog and share with others who embrace the spirit of giving. Pass up […]

Twitter best practices from five under-the-radar superstars

Photo: Communicate the alien Credit: arpi

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Twitter is a challenging juggling act, especially when the number of your followers grows into the tens of thousands.  I’m not quite there yet, but I pay close attention to my Twitter friends who are wildly successful. Let’s take a closer look at five under-the-radar tweeps who are […]

How owning your failure & being vulnerable can create change

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Sometimes we need to admit our desperation, own our failures and be vulnerable to create change. Last month I published the blog shown below, I had tremendous expectations to raise money for the No Kid Hungry. I failed miserably! Over 500 people read my blog but only ONE person ordered bracelets. This bummed me out, […]

How to Look Cooler Than Your Friends at Restaurants


You may not know that many popular restaurants have a secret menu that you won’t find on Yelp, Foursquare or Zagat.  In fact people who are “in the know” are so guarded about these secret dishes that they refuse to pin or tweet about them.  But because I like you and I want you to […]

The New Consumer Engagement

The way we market to consumers has changed. Consumers want experiences that encompass mobile technology and create a unique experience. Sooner or later, Some retailers and brands are still reluctant to embrace technology as a new method of communication. However, more retailers are starting to bridge the gap between virtual and brick and mortar. The […]