Things social media people like

Photo: Ann Credit: D.J. Jones

If you remember a few years back, a couple of guys hit comic gold with site called “Stuff white people like.”  The Atlantic put a fine point on the intended target of the satire, identifying “a very specific demographic sliver of left-leaning, city-dwelling white folk.”  Hilarity ensued. There’s another niche demographic of people ripe for […]

Be thankful for social blessings

Photo: Wild Turkey Credit: Yousif Waleed

In the spirit of the coming holiday, I want to give thanks for social media. Like you’re wish for the Thanksgiving prayer, over a heaping plate of food, this post is short and sweet.  Here’s the top three things that make me thankful for social media in 2012:

How to Smile Your Way to Love and Wealth

Photo: Smiling Credit: Cristina Chirtes

Listen up ugly people, average people, and those of you who lack the confidence to know whether or not you’re hot stuff.  I’ve got news for you. Take an amazing picture, use it as your Twitter avatar, and you’ll meet the love of your life, land your dream job, and get PAID like a Kardashian! […]

How to Cheat on Twitter with your Real Life

Photo:Somewhere Credit: Stefanie Mikus-Marx

Everyone hates a cheater, but sometimes it feels so good……. wait, let me explain. I love you Twitter, but there’s someone else. I’m absolutely head over heels in love with Twitter, I’m not really a Facebook kind of girl. I mean, I dabble from time to time but my first love is Twitter. I have […]