How constraints spur creativity

Photo: Vine Branches Credit: Dray Schermerhorn

Many blog posts have been written espousing the latest addition to Twitter, the Vine app.  The app unlike other video or gif apps functions on constraints. Only six seconds, no way to edit the footage (what you see is what you get), no filters, no audio editing. The one common thread of the critiques was […]

How to craft an effective social media plan

Photo: Happiness Credit:lockstockb

Now and again, I am entrusted with the task of creating a social media plan for brands that I work on.  There is a lot of information and so much to analyze that sometimes it can be daunting to put together an effective communication plan. This morning, I came across this very interesting article in […]

Facebook Graph Search first impressions

Illustration: Team Credit: Gabriella Fabbri

Today, Facebook announced a new feature: “Graph Search.”  But what exactly is it? Graph search allows users to query on Facebook to find results related to friends and connections.  Here’s how it works: Graph Search is a different type of search Graph Search is NOT web search like Google.  Mark Zuckerberg explains: “Graph search is the […]

Ten benefits of Google Plus communities for marketers

Photo: Paper Chain in the Dark Credit: Stephanie Hofschlaeger

Google Plus Communities is a recent addition to the social network, it is in some ways similar to Facebook and LinkedIn groups. However, it is different in the way it has been laid out and is definitely easier to navigate. Brands on Google+ can create communities, this is unlike Facebook where groups can only be created […]