Book Review: Daniel Pink’s To Sell Is Human

Pink Book

Ever since the social media revolution really started to take hold (what would you reckon, 2008?), selling has seemed to have become equivalent to a swear word. Selling is pushy. Selling is what snake oil salesmen do. Social Media, many have preached, is not about selling. It’s about relationship building. These two actions, both integral […]

Book Review: Social Media Commerce for Dummies by @MarshaCollier

Illustration: Green Button Credit: Ankner Peter

Oftentimes, people who blog and who participate on social media platforms seem to forget why people might be there searching for information. We marketers get carried away with phrases like “Content Marketing” and we wax poetical on things that may impact us on a regular basis but may not necessarily impact our companies. What a lot of people are […]

Do you read everything you share online?

Photo: Fashion Woman Credit: Bruno Perez

When I first started blogging, it seemed like I could not buy a comment or a tweet.  In fact, I knew something really crazy was going on when I got a comment and about three shares one day (it turned out Chris Brogan had tweeted out my post, which was 100% surprising!).  I started joining the Twitter […]

Personal Branding May Be Hurting You

Kill personal branding Photo: Night portrait of a beautiful girl Credit: Belovodchenko Anton

On September 18, Corey Mull wrote an article for Ad Age titled, “No, Brands Aren’t People – and Consumers Don’t Want Them To Be.” The title got my attention for several reasons. First, for as long as I have been in the online world, and maybe for as long as the “online world” has been […]