Pinterest update eliminates key features, diminishes user experience

Recently Pinterest announced it was making some changes. Users have the opportunity to preview the new look, so I did!

You can read how Pinterest is describing the changes here. It all seems wonderful to read, right? My overall impression is that the concept of building a community is gone and any hope of interaction with others is disappearing. [Read more…]

A Dear John letter to Google: I’ll find another Google Reader

Sigh. I live by my Google Reader. OK, so there are days that go by when I don’t have time to read my favorite blogs. There’s any number of reasons, but I’m not going to make excuses.

The beauty is that Reader didn’t care.

Google Reader didn’t judge. It just let me read

It was comforting knowing I could sign in after not being on in days. There was no judgement. No snarky comment that greeted me, knowing I was slacking on my reading. There, the boldface headlines of new posts would beckon to me in a welcoming, unjudging way. “Read us,” they would say. “We’re here waiting for you!”

Then today, I see a tweet by @GiniDietrich and another by @PamMarketingNut about the demise of my beloved Reader. Seriously Google? Are you trying to make enemies of long-time supporters? OK, so I don’t love Google+. There are not many people who do, despite the numbers of users you boast. OK, so your search rocks. But you have to remember that you ARE NOT alone out there in searchland. And you force us to set up email accounts to use YouTube. Do you see where I’m going with this?

I will learn to love again, but here’s a parting shot…

Google, you have gone too far. You’ve become a cyberbully! Yes, that’s exactly it. You’ve become a big, bloated, egotistical bully that’s determined to control every aspect of our online lives. You’ve pushed and pushed and pushed and now your faithful followers are going to leave. The jig is up. People really aren’t using Google+. People CAN use other search engines, and other email. And yes, there are other reader feeds out there, as dear @ginidietrich has been so kind to point out for those of us, like me, who are frightened of change.

So I WILL find another reader that I will learn to love and if I have to search, MAYBE I’ll turn to you but maybe not. And will I use my gmail account? Only to sign onto YouTube. I, for one, am not letting you bully me anymore.

The original article, “Ok Google, You are a bully” by Nancy Jean was originally published on her website
Photo by Leavitt Hunt [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The value of transparency in a crisis

Transparency is a way to build loyalty and garner advocates for your brand. Being transparent and straightforward in any situation will more likely earn respect even if your community takes offense to what has occurred.

Johns Hopkins has a wonderful reputation for providing outstanding health care. They also are no strangers to the social media world. In 2010, when a shooting happened at the hospital, they turned to social media with regular updates. [Read more…]