Get the most out of Facebook by taking control of it

Photo: Sleeping Cats Credit: Prangdao Nupradit

Undoubtedly the biggest complaint I hear about Facebook is that it is a waste of time. This baffles me. How can it be a waste of time to stay connected with family and friends, and to create important connections with associates and acquaintances? OK, to be fair, I live and breathe social media. So my […]

Two great tech tools to amp your customer service

Illustration: Robot Credit: Cécile Graat

I like to think that all small business owners want to provide great customer service to go along with their online presences. However, there are times when you need to be in front of your client to really help them. Unfortunately that is not always possible. So, until you can magically transport yourself to their locations, […]

How to claim your company’s online “turf”

Illustration: Businessman Credit: Ambrozjo

Chances are you already have a website for your company. While this is a great start at managing what people see when they search for your business, if you haven’t added your information to the major search engines and social media sites you’re missing a big piece of what the internet can do for you […]