How to WOW customers with your product descriptions

By Fawcett Comics, uploaded by Chordboard (art by Jack Binder) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Writing descriptions for your products can be overwhelming.   It doesn’t have to be. I get it—you bore this product from the first inkling of an idea to the perfect creation sitting before you, all styled and lovely by your own two hands, and you’re going to talk about it. And talk about, and talk about it. What’s […]

How to make your site more user friendly

By Nuno Pinheiro , David Vignoni , David Miller , Johann Ollivier Lapeyre , Kenneth Wimer , Riccardo Iaconelli (KDE) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

When people visit your site is it easy for them to find what they’re looking for? Or—even better—when they visit your site, is it easy for them to find the information and items you want them to? While most people loathe being told what to do, when they are shopping for products and/or services on your site […]

Four things your home page should say about you

By David Vignoni [LGPL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Your foyer or entryway is your home’s first impression. It greets you at the door with warmth during the cold months and a cool waft of air for those sweaty summer days. Your entryway is complete with photos, designs, plants or paint colors all selected by you. It feels like home—like you belong there. Like you […]

How to use blog comments as a marketing strategy

Illustration: Laboratory Credit: Mandie LeScum

Time is far more scarce than money, reasonable gas prices, and a halfway decent reality show (yeah, I’m looking at you “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”). Reading and commenting on blogs takes an incredible amount of time.  I used to write a humor blog, and during the beginning months, I would literally spend several hours a day […]

How to write your About Me page

Photo: Self-portrait Credit: Dora Pete

The ‘About Me’ page is one of the hardest for entrepreneurs (or anyone for that matter) to write.  You’re worried about what to say: Should you include personal anecdotes or stay strictly business? How long should it be? If you do include personal details, which ones and how many? It’s enough to get your head […]

How to build and communicate your brand

Photo: Brand Credit: Jeinny Solis S.

Brand. You hear it and think Nike, Coke, Apple. You think branding is for the big boys with their monster truck advertising budgets and super-sized creative departments. It’s for businesses with multi-floored buildings, receptionists, and water coolers. Branding isn’t for Esty sellers hovered over the kitchen table at a sewing machine while toddlers nap in their beds. […]

How to write like a professional copywriter

Write like a professional copywriter Photo: Professor at work Credit: Mikhail Lavrenov

Write like a professional copywriter and you can move people. One of the questions I get most from family, friends, and people still on the fence about the necessity of copywriters is: I don’t get the point (of copywriters), can’t most people write? Of course, most people can write. But, what is a copywriter? What […]

How to develop products that your target markets want

Illustration: Aiming Global Credit: Jay Lopez

Target market: a group of customers that a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise towards.  A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy.  Your target market: they’re your right people. They’re the people most likely to embrace your vision, support your efforts, and buy from your fantastic group of offerings. But before […]