Each Facebook change makes a cherub cry

Photo: Play a sad song Credit: Joachim Bär

Facebook has always been an evolving creature. Based on the comments I read each time there is a change, I think that Mr. Z’s team just does whatever they like.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m quite sure there is a reason to the madness, most probably lining somebody’s wallet.   Or at least that’s […]

How I use Facebook filtering tools and you can too

Facebook filtering Photo: Finger in Filter Credit: EDu Dougall

Facebook filtering is becoming a necessary evil these days.  Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances and random people have increasing interest in expanding their networks, and a one-update-fits-all strategy doesn’t fit with the reality of such a diverse audience. As an affirmation that I am getting older, my nephew recently asked me to filter him from seeing my photos. […]

How everything I post on Facebook is the truth, honest!

Photo: Hand on Bible Credit: Julia Freeman-Woolpert

I started using Facebook with the hope to connect with people I can’t talk to regularly.  It’s my version of being social without having to meet anyone.  I quickly found that Facebook was a great tool for weirdos to find me, save my photos and to pretend my photo was watching them as they play World of […]