Why does society treat privacy as a disposable commodity?

Photo: Privacy Credit: Jason Antony

Imagine an epic battle between Batman and Ironman… It won’t happen because one is a superhero from DC Comics and the second one belongs to the Marvel Universe. In the world of comic rights, to be one or the other is worse than becoming villainous archenemies. Fortunately, we are not looking to create the ultimate […]

How to Get Started on Google Plus

How to get started on Google Plus

Many people who’ve used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with success still don’t understand how to get started on Google Plus. Perhaps they’ve become so familiar with the mechanics of using their old standby platforms, the fresh look and feel of Google Plus intimidates them. They just don’t know how to get started. If you’re one of […]

How Social Media is Like Doing Math


When I talk to people about social media, I notice similarities to talking to people about math. Here’s a handful of the things I’ve seen. Those who do it, think it’s fun and intuitive! As any engineer, math major or computer geek and they’ll tell you that math is no problem – it’s even fun. […]

Google Plus sliders – How useful are they? It depends….

Photo: Desk Credit: Leo Cinezi

Google Plus sliders are noise control tools within Google Plus that allow you to adjust the amount of content that it displayed from each of your circles.  These have been in place since December, but yesterday Google made a few enhancements: First, Google Plus sliders now give you the additional option to subscribe to all […]

Jim Dougherty is not unique: How Google Plus vanity URLs kind of stink

Photo: Zack Credit: Gary Scott

Jim Dougherty,  acquiesce! Notice anything about this URL: plus.google.com/+britneyspears?  It’s a vanity URL for Google Plus.  David Angotti of Search Engine Journal reports that some verified accounts on Google Plus (like Britney Spears – the #1 ranked person on Google Plus by number of followers) currently have these vanity URLs.  He also revealed that Google intends […]

How HootSuite staged a coup with its Google Plus page integration

Photo: Nature Protetion Area Sign Credit: Christa Richert

In order to optimize their visibility with Google, businesses need to have a presence on Google Plus.  Guy Kawasaki calls it a “land grab,” and he makes an important point.  An unrepresentative minority of  people are informing search on Google Plus and they need to be engaged on the platform.  As more businesses realize this […]

How Google Plus is losing the war with a satisfied audience

Photo: Higher Credit: Sanja Gjenero

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released their ratings for July 2012, and surprisingly revealed Google Plus to be the highest ranked social network in terms of customer satisfaction scoring an 78 on their 100-point scale (Facebook, incidentally scored a 61 which was one of the lowest scores of any brand in their study).  In reading […]

How bad off is Google Plus? (infographic)

Photo: Staircase Credit: Robert Linder

Seems many people are ready to eulogize Google Plus.   Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president for engineering, even went so far last week to say that Google Plus is not a social network.  But as much as people try to frame the issue, Google Plus (fairly or unfairly) will be compared to the only other site […]

How much about Google Plus can we learn from LinkedIn?

Photo: Kelsey Credit: Kelsey Balling

The collateral damage that I personally experienced when Twitter broke up with LinkedIn this week was an abrupt decline in the sharing of my posts on LinkedIn.  I actually lost more than 90% of my LinkedIn shares per post – so where I might have had 40 shares before, I now have three or four. […]

How API access will determine the future of social

Photo: Monkeys Credit: Gloria Cheng

What would happen if everyone had to manage Twitter through the Twitter app on their phone, or through the Twitter website?  What would happen to Google Plus adoption if users could interface with it through a third-party app like Hootsuite?  We may soon have some indication.  Each at an extreme of the spectrum: Twitter is […]