Tools and tips to help you manage your social media smarter

By P.O. Arnäs from Åsa, Sweden (The future is finally here) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Running a business is challenging in itself. The thought alone of using Social Media for your business can be extremely stressful. Having to come up with a strategy is pretty scary too. Then executing your Social strategy can be (usually is) more than a full-time job. Fear not, there are some neat tools I’m about […]

Why does society treat privacy as a disposable commodity?

Photo: Privacy Credit: Jason Antony

Imagine an epic battle between Batman and Ironman… It won’t happen because one is a superhero from DC Comics and the second one belongs to the Marvel Universe. In the world of comic rights, to be one or the other is worse than becoming villainous archenemies. Fortunately, we are not looking to create the ultimate […]

How to Get Started on Google Plus

How to get started on Google Plus

Many people who’ve used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with success still don’t understand how to get started on Google Plus. Perhaps they’ve become so familiar with the mechanics of using their old standby platforms, the fresh look and feel of Google Plus intimidates them. They just don’t know how to get started. If you’re one of […]

How to Add a User to Google Analytics

Photo: Basic Math Credit: Sigurd Decroos

Adding a user to Google Analytics can have several benefits – namely the ability to have others help you interpret your data. The process of adding a user to Google Analytics can be a little tricky due to Google’s not-so-user-friendly admin interface. Here’s a breakdown of steps and a video to help: Sign into Google […]

How come Google thinks British men are so social?

Illustration: UK Flag Credit: Ian Barnard

I wrote a piece this week discussing Facebook’s efforts to (presumably) attract higher female engagement by emulating Pinterest.  The principle assumption that I made was that Pinterest was a female-dominated platform.  Gail Gardner of GrowMap read the piece and left a comment sharing that published an infographic showing that Pinterest was dominated by men […]

Bing can’t put a fine point on suck

Photo: Collapsed Credit: Rajesh Sundaram

Microsoft recently announced the hiring of Mark Penn, former adviser to Bill and  Hillary Clinton and author of one of my favorite books in recent memory, Microtrends to increase market share for Bing.  Penn’s background is in Public Relations, which indicates that Microsoft is truly delusional about their capabilities and potential in search.  In short, they think […]

How Bing is cannibalizing Yahoo search

Photo: Mouth of Truth Credit: Frank O'Connor

The Verge published a fascinating article yesterday detailing a presentation by Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner where he discussed Google’s advertising practices, claiming that Bing is growing market share because of a groundswell of user discontent with Adwords.  He also touted that for the first time ever Bing scored higher in search relevance than Google. […]